Height & weight scale
Model: DS-103


 ■ Measuring Range

Item / Range Measuring Range Tolerance Remark
Height(H) 90.0~200.cm ±0.1cm Linear Scale
Weight(W) 10.0~200.kg ±0.1kg Load cell
Fatness Rate(R) BMI or % (fatness rate)   by Formula

Feasture of DS-103

Short measuring time

    When you step on a board, it starts to work 4 seconds later.

Reliability and stability

    Optical linear encoder and a loadcell can preserve fast and accurate measurement.

Display simplicity

    Everybody can find the result in a display.

BMI or Fatness rate can be calculated.

    You can easily switch between BMI and Fatness by a button.

Printer (Optional)

    It can also print out its result to an optional printer.

Voice function (DS-103, only Korean language now)

    "It starts to measure" and "Measuring is done".

    Other language can be added later.


* BMI Formula: weight(kg) / height^2 (m^2)

* If height is 165cm, it should be 1.65^2

* Ex: height is 165cm, and weight is 60kg, then BMI will be 22.03 =>: 60/1.65^2=22.03

< BMI categories >

< 20 :
under weight
20~25 :
normal weight
25~30 :
30< :






* What is BMI (body mass index)?

* BMI definition in WHO website

* Click here to calculate your BMI

Height Range
90~200 cm
Weight Range
10~200 Kg
Height: 0.1cm / Weight: 0.1kg
Height: ± 0.1cm / Weight: ± 0.1Kg
Power Source
AC 100/220V ±10V, 60Hz
Digital ( Height: 4 digits, Weight: 4 digits, BMI: 4 digits)
Starting time for horizontal bar
4 seconds after stepping on a weighing board
Moving Speed
15 cm/sec
Aluminum diecasting
Packing Dimensions
BASE 72×45×16 (unit:cm)
RAIL 217×39×12 (unit: cm)
Packing Weight
BASE 8.7 Kg
RAIL 7.5 Kg
Dimensions (assembled)
41×55×219 (unit: cm)
Net Weight
12 kg
PC Communication
Comunicating port is installed
Height Measuring Method
Optical Linear Encoder and Load Cell
Operation Temperature
-5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Measuring System
Automatic Simultaneous Measuring of Height, Weight and Fatness rate
Power adaptor
DC 12 V
Measuring Time
Average 5 ~ 8 sec
Leveling Device
Water Leveling Device Insalled
Fatness Formula
Formula by World Health Organization (normal), BMI (upon request)