Digital Readout System
Product Problems Cause / Solution
DRO System Malfunctioning

If preset parameters have been changed automatically or functioning not as normal states, please reset (or initialize) the display.

Be catious. Every setting will be back to factory setting. Basic setting for resolution is 5/1000 and all of ABS number in memory and error compensation value will be back to "1.0".

If it is still not resolved, contact your sales office for repairing.

  No Power

Check up the fuse in the back.

If the fuse exchanging is of no use, call your local service.

The switching power (power supply) needs to be replaced.

  Button no work The keypad needs to be replaced. Please try reset.
DSC-800 " ERROR" shows Push key and release FLT function. (red "FLT" light off)
  Value error

Error value is (almost) same regardless of moving distance,

please, try Error Correction as below:

( if error values are different from distance, this is not so helpful.)

  Origin point error

It needs to be repairing service.

Checking with a block guage or a check master

  No variation in numbers

Check up the connction state between the display and linear scales. Disconnect the linear scales and connect them again.

Try to reset in the display.

This problem may be caused from the read head (IC part), joint area cutting, crack or break of the graduation glass.

Replace the read head.

DSC-800 How to change process direction (+/-).

When a table moves in one direction, the values will increase(+) or decrease(-).

F --> ▶▶▶(3 times) --> ENT -->X (or Y, Z, Q)--> ▶ or ◀-->ENT

  Double value displayed Please check if the "lathe" function is selected or not.
DSC-800 How to reset F --> ▶▶▶▶▶▶(6 times) --> ENT --> ▶ -->ENT

Other models than DSC-800

How to reset (for 500/600/700 ) F --> 501 ---> ENT

Error Correction:

compensation for the error value

How to input : (Do while ABS function is off)

F --> ▶▶▶▶(4 times) --> ENT -->X (or Y, Z, Q)--> 1.0 -->ENT

1.0 means that real distance & dispalyed distance is 1:1 .

If real distance is 300 and displayed distance is 299.100


Input this value "1.003009" instead of " 1.0".

To go back, input "1.0" (refer to 3-7 pages in the manual)

  DSC-800 Manual Download

To see more details, download each manual.

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Body Measuring Scales:

DS-102 / DS-103 / DS-102M / DS-103M / DS-B02 / DS-B03


DS-102, 102M,103M, B02, B03

No power

Check up the power supply source, joint part between the power adapter and the body measuring scale.

Disconnect and connect the power again.

Power adapter or main board(power switch)can be a problem.

DS-103 No power but noise sounds

Turn off --> pull down the touch-bar to the middle --> Turn on

If it doesn't work, try 2 ~ 3 times more.

Then, call your local sales agent.

DS-102 Touch bar doesn't move down or up

Turn off --> pull down the touch-bar about 20cm --> Turn on

If it doesn't work, call your local sales agent.

  Touch-bar stops while moving.

Please contact your local sales agent.

Alll of touch-bar problem should be repaired by technicians. Sometimes touch-bar replacement , or main board replacement will be needed.

  Touch-bar keep pushing the head.
  Touch-bar don't while after flicking.
  Value error happens in height or weight, or both.

Before doing zero-setting, please measure height or weight with a standard object like a ruler or a metal weight.

If the error values are small, then try to correct weight or height.

Please do zero-setting for your model. (download in Jenix Web)

For 102 / B02: do zero-setting or call repair serivce.

For 103, 102M: try correction of weight or height, or do zero-setting

For 103M / B03: only weight correction is possible. So please do the zero-setting.

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