■ Trouble shooting

▶ Counter is not energized.
● Check power supply cord.
● Confirm fuse blown off.
● Check if the power cord connection loose.
▶ Fuse blown off so often ● Check inflow of fluid into keyboard.
● Disconnect scale connector from counter and check.
● Apply for A/S if there is no problem regardless of the above.
▶ Power ON but displays are
● Check inflow of fluid into key board.
● Disconnect scale connector from counter and check.
● Confirm it the connection is alright.
▶ Poor accuracy ● Check connectionbetween scale and counter.
● Check if the mounting bolts are loosened.
● Compare checking result after changing defected sclae to normal
● Check if dirts, cutting fluids or others be stick into scale.
    Prevent them from getting into so that accuracy is as good as it is.
● Check if machine has backlash.
● Check if scale is damaged from impack or twist.
▶ Number does not change even
    after moving scale.
● Check the rate.
● Rate should be "1000000".
● Check the connection between counter and scale.
▶ One axis among three axes is
    not operating.
● Change defected scale to normal scale an then check.
▶ On display, "DIA" lamp is ON. ● Using lathe function, change it to "RAD" function.
▶ Display shows doubled
● Check "RATE".
● Rate should be "1000000".
● Check the lamp of "DIA" and change it as follows;

▶ Error occur with no matter of
● Compensate With "RATE" function.
▶ Remark ● Prevent cutting fluids from getting into keyboard to avoid errors.
● Be cautious not to inflow cutting oil and dirts into scale.