* Features of Jenix Home Desalinator (Small type)

1. Jenix Home Desalinator is a high technical water purifying system which supplys you fresh edible water by filtering out ground water containing salt, lime or heavy metal.

2 High efficiency of an electric dialysis filtration along with additional 4 steps filters is enough to remove most of salt, lime and heavy metals dissolved in ground water.

3. Main 'Electric Dialysis filter' can be used with semi permanent and no filter exchanging needed,
because it changes directions of electric poles to eliminate foreign bodies or remains from the filter.

4. It is also excellent in removing any harmful materials and floating solids as well as salt, lime or heavy metal.

5. Front control displaying panel located in front shows 'ppm' value of supplied water and purified water,
which will be helpful to clear your doubt against the quality.

6. It helps you exchange extra filters by displaying 'leftover time' for each filter.

<Jenix Home Desalinator Model: WPS-101>
<Jenix Home Desalinator Model: WPS-102>









* Main Components
Electric Dialysis Filtration System
4 Steps extra filtration system
Display pannel
Pressure Gauge
Sanitizing water tank

* Technical Specification

Water Filter Placement Right side of Main body
Water Tank Placement On top of the main body or other
Purification Technology Electric Dialysis
Requiring Water Pressure 0.5 kg/㎠ ~ 2 kg/㎠
Kinds of Filters Sediment, U/F, Electric Dialysis Filter,Post Carbon, Bio Ceramic
Sediment Filter (size) 2.5" x 11"  
U/F Filter (size) 2.5" x 11"  
Post Carbon Filter 2.5" x 11"  
Bio Ceramic Filter 2.5" x 11"  
Kinds of Membrane Cation & Anion ion exchane membrane
Maintenace Schedule Electric Dialysis: Semi permanent
Sediment : 6 months
U/F Filter: 18 months
Post Carbon Filter: 8months
Bio Ceramic Filter: 6 months
Filtration Efficiency 95%
Daily System Production

192 Liter
(can vary according to the thickness of concentrated water)

Water Efficiency 40 % (reproduction rate from supplying water)
Installation Owner's manual and installation guide provided step-by-step instructions on home installment.
Certifications ISO9001
Applying Power AC220V 60Hz
Power Consumption 40W<50 W>
Dimensions Water tank(cm): 36(H) x 30(Φ)
<WPS-101>Main body(cm): 42(H) x 26(W) x 34(D)
<WPS-102>Main body(cm): 50(H) x 44(W) x 37(D)
Weight 18kg<37kg>





















* Unique Design and Main Function

General Reverse-Osmosis purifying systems being not designed for high concentrated salty or lime water,
filters are easily stopped soon by lots of remains, thus your maintenance cost will be increased overwhelmingly.

Jenix Home desalinator can not only purify sea water or ground water containing sault or lime water, but drain the filtered remains out of the system by changing directions of electric poles. No need exchanging main filter (semipermanent). The Control panel of the front indicates the ppm value of current clarified water through LED window to render you a relief.

* Principal of Jenix Home Desalinator
Filtering Sequence: Supplying water - 1st Sediment Filter - 2nd Sediment Filter- Electric Dialysis Filter - U/F Filter - - Post carbon Filter - Edible water


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